Brooklynn Eve and Co

We are a culmination of US and EU pilots who enjoy all things EVE, from seriousl PVP to whelp fleets to building Titans, any activity you enjoy, we can facilitate it, amongst a friendly group of EVE pilots, and friends..

So.. What We Do....

Of course.... PVP, Who doesn’t?

With an alliance level FC, fleets are a strong point. We carry out daily fleets using all types of ships, whatever you can fly, it will easily find a place within our fleet doctrines.

Mining, yes, a PVP corp mines too..

Our second strongest point, with fleets of miners already in our ranks, with very knowledgable builders too, if you enjoy mining, we have a place for you too..

Production, we build the shit we fly! Its cheaper!

From building large quanitities of t2 modules to titans, if you can build it, we can supply the minerals.

Capital Fighting, sometimes..

We won't lie, this is not a regular occurance, but when the time comes, we are always ready, if you can't afford one, no problem! We will give you one to use for fights!

Black Ops, shhh

Yea, this is fun? If you enjoy hunting, jamming, shooting or just simple blobbing, you'll enjoy these fleets.

Chilling, having a laugh

On the very rare occasion you may just find nothing to do, chill with us in comms, discuss ideas, tell eve stories we love a good chin wag..

Why Join Us

Passion for Providing Content

We understand that in EVE, if you do nothing, the game will provide nothing. Our leadership actively pursues avenues to provide good, enjoyable and exciting content for our members to engage in from fleet fights to mining ops.

Experienced Fleet Commanders

Within our ranks our a few FC's that live for commanding fleets and whelping enemies, passionate about flying the latest fleet doctrines they can muster.

Stable Leadership

With 3 heads looking after all our Timezones there is always somebody to talk to, be that on our discord channel, or eve itself, there is always somebody to speak to.

Great Communication

With our own teamspeak, Alliance teamspeak and coalition comms, we are always in contact with our allys and corp mates. We host our own discord channel, which is most popular with our members for keeping in daily gossip loop

Constant Activities

Not to overhype it, there is so many things to do at corp, alliance and colalition level, you could never say there is nothing happening right now..

Well Established Home in Nullsec

Its know as Null Jita... Say no more...

Experienced and Knowledgable Members

From building, to wormholes, fleet fights, t3's, fitting, jamming, transversal, mining, our members cross all spectrums, if you'd like to learn, all you have to do is ask us..


Minimum Cognitive capacity of One(1) standard adult human

The title says it all.

Truely Active

When we see 10 unique players online in corp, we want to know that they're alive, and ready to get involved if any action pops up, or we decide to make action.

On Comms When Online

Things happen fast in our corp sometimes, you might miss out on some awesome action just because you're not on comms...

15m Skillpoints

Our members are required to be able to fly different doctrine fits for fleets. So we kindly request that you have around 15m skillpoints.

Apply to Join

If everything above sounds good, please fill out our contact form, this helps us instantly understand the type of pilot you're and your capabilities within our ranks.